Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GR Polo Bikes: Alo's Experimental Rig

Well, I already posted this over on the Velocity blog and League of Bike Polo but figured it's worthy of doing here plus give me a reason to finally start highlighting all the bikes we use here in Grand Rapids.

As I've stated on both of the other sites, this is an experimental set-up, especially given the extreme setback of the seatpost. I've already started to brain storm ways of reinforcing the seatpost if I like the set-up. I'm sure there will be some tweaking before I have this totally dialed but I'm excited to get this thing going. Hopefully we'll have some nights to play here soon.

Here is some spec on the bike:

Frame: Schwinn FrontierCrank: Raceface 180mm crank - 34T Surly Chain Ring
Stem/Handlebar - Cannondale C4 Stem shimmed down to work on 1" fork with a handlebar from an old Bridgestone handlebar - lots of sweep [also shimmed]
Seatpost: Black Ops set-back
Front wheel: 26" Velocity Aeroheat 32H - Robins Egg Blue [RIP] w/ gold nips and hub, 3X
Rear wheel: 26" Velocity Cliffhanger laced to a custom spaced SS hub w/ a 5-speed FW
Brakes: mix and match, from the double pull lever to the Red Tektro front V-brake to the rear old-new stock from a local shop

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